Basic Diploma in Flight Dispatcher

Basic Diploma in Flight Dispatcher

A Flight Dispatcher, often referred to as an airline dispatcher or a flight operations officer, aids in determining Flight Navigation by considering factors such as Aircraft performance, Payload, En-route weather Forecasts, Airspace restrictions, and Airport Conditions. A flight-following service is also offered by dispatchers, who also inform pilots of any changes in the weather.

Eligibility Criteria:

Qualification: Minimum  +2 or Graduate

Age: 18-25 Years

A Dispatcher must be certified by the civil aviation authority of the country in which they operate such as the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) in India.

In order to obtain a certificate, a candidate must demonstrate extensive knowledge of Meteorology, Navigation, Regulations, and Technical. In this Basic Flight Dispatcher course, students will get Basic knowledge about Flight Dispatcher.

For DGCA certification in India, apply through Airlines for the exam.


Module 1 (REGS) Air law and Air traffic control

Module 2 (POF) Principles of flight;

Module 3 (TEC) Aircraft systems and engines;

Module 4 (M&B) Mass and balance;

Module 5 (PEF) Performance;

Module 6 (NAV) Navigation;

Module 7 (MET) Meteorology;

Module 8 (FPL&FM) Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring;

Module 9 (OPR) Operational Procedures,

Module 10 (HP) Human Performance (Physiology and Psycology)