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Diploma in AirCraft Weight & Balance(Load & Trim Training)

Diploma in AirCraft Training in Chennai

Diploma in AirCraft Weight & Balance(Load & Trim Training)

Whom This Course Designed for:

  • Anyone who aspire an Airline and Ground Services Operation Job At Airports.

  • Airline staff working at an Airport with minimum 2 years experience.

  • Customer service Agents & Supervisors

  • Ramp and Loading Supervisors

  • Airline Duty officers and Duty Managers

  • Airline Station Managers

PTC Aviation Academy proudly announces that no where you will find this course in India. This course is conducted only by airlines for their employees but PTC is exclusively arranging this valuable course for their students. This course will give practical knowledge and experience to participants for Load Controller certification by any IATA or non IATA career or Ground Handling Agents. At the end of the course learners will have High level of proficiency and confidence to complete load sheets and work as load control officer and appear to do conversion for airline Certifications. Curriculum are relevant to commercial Airlines and meets IATA AHM 591 and IOSA/ISAGO Standards

Load & Trim Diploma Summary:

  • Understand the theory of flight.

  • Understand the basic principles of flight related to aircraft weight and balance

  • Learn the theories and principles of weight and balance as per the standard IATA AHM Manual, Automated Load Sheet.

  • Become Familiar with various terms (load control)used in the Airlines.

  • Understand ,compute, recognize various weights used in preparing a load-sheet

  • Learn how to compile weights and calculate estimated zero fuel weight

  • Load sheet function Stages (i–ii–iii)

  • Learn Aircraft balancing principles and specific pitch/graphs

Quality Customer Service Course covers:

  • Interview Preparation

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Time Management

  • Memory improvement

  • Letter drafting

  • Importance of positive attitude

  • Social Prominence

  • Resume Writing

  • Change Management

  • Effectiveness

  • Leadership Skills

  • Group Discussions

  • Public Speaking



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Diploma in AirCraft Weight & Balance(Load & Trim Training)

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