Types of Aircraft and Engines in the aviation industry

September 27, 2022


History of aviation is very complete, more than a thousand engineers worked on a sustainable flight model but only two people (Write Brothers) achieved it by inventing an aircraft which did a flight for 6 km. 

After the first flyable aircraft the evolution took place by designing various types for different categories.  Military created for war, business innovated for commercial flight etc.,

Here we will see the types of aircraft and its purpose

Single Piston Engine:

This single piston engine is the most affordable aircraft and it’s fun to start with. Most of the pilot license training starts with this aircraft. The name comes because it has one piston engine and it is mounted to the nose propeller in front. SEL Pilot license is more than enough to fly this aircraft. The major single piston engine aircraft manufacturers are Cessna, Mooney and Piper 

Business Jets:

Business jets are the type of aircraft which are designed to carry a few groups of people. Mostly business jets are owned by High Networth Individuals like business owners, politicians and rich actors. In 1962, the first light private business jet aircrafts were manufactured by learjet. 

These private jets can travel from 500 miles to 1500 miles in a single fuel fill. And the seating capacity may vary from aircraft but the normal seats will be from 10 to 50 passengers. 

Some of the major Business Jets Manufacturers are Airbus, Cessna, Boeing, Dassault Falcon, Embraer and so on. The Business jets price comes between $3 million to $90 million based on the brand. Here are some of the famous aircrafts Bombardier Challenger 850, Gulfstream IV, Bombardier BD-700, Boeing 757 private jet. 


Helicopters are not like business jets or any other aircraft. The usage of helicopter varies, the major usage of helicopters are by police, cinema shooting, lifesaving roles, Army etc., The helicopters comes with various types, some of them are AH-64 APACHE, UH-60 BLACK HAWK, CH-47 CHINOOK, Robinson R44 Helicopter etc.,

Cargo Aircraft:

After World war II, the cargo through air took off. At present the market size of air cargo is around $139 billion with around 85 million tons. Cargo aircraft capacity may vary depending upon the aircraft From Minimum 5,000 kg to maximum of 2,50,000 kg.

The highest weight capacity aircraft is Antonov An-225. Here is the list of cargo aircraft Airbus A400m, Antonov An 124, Boeing C-17, Bombardier Dash 8-100, Lockheed C- 5, Douglas DC-10 and Mcdonnell Douglas MD – 11.

Float or Seaplanes: 

These float aircraft are similar to other aircraft types but the main difference is they can float on water. Seaplanes can take off and land on water. Seaplanes are very niche aircraft, where the usage is very limited.

You cannot use it like other normal aircraft. Seaplanes are used in remote places where it is hard to build airports etc . Some of the major  seaplanes companies are setouchi, hai au, mehair, seabird, air juan, bali seaplanes, cinnamon air. Majority of the passengers are from islands or remote villages.


The airship concept was live in the early 1850 and in reality it was made in 1930’s. And the majority of airships were manufactured in late 1960’s after the war. In Fact Russia and the USA decided to use airships in upcoming wars. But thank god World War III never happened. 

Major Airship manufacturers are as follows: Buoyant Aircraft Systems, Global Near Space, Ohio Airships, Skyhook International.

Commercial Aircrafts:

The Most important Aircraft in the modern era is commercial aircrafts. The global aircraft market is valued at $191 Billion and it might reach $225 billion in 2028. Major aircraft manufacturers are Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and embraer and so on. It is said that the Rolls Royce engine is the most powerful full engine in the whole aviation industry. 

The seating capacity of commercial aircraft starts from minimum of 80 passengers to maximum of 853 passengers. The biggest commercial aircraft is Airbus A380. And in 2019 they stretched to 1000 passenger seat planes which is called as Airbus A380 Stretch.

Some of the major airline operators are Emirates, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Air France etc.,

Here are the list of most powerful engines:

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