November 23,2023


Due to huge aircraft orders, the Aviation industry is seeing an incredible comeback and needs more PILOTS. In addition to other factors, this is happening in the context of expanding population demands, easily accessible and reasonably priced air travel, and an increasing need for local and international connectivity.

Over 1,100 aircraft are expected to be delivered to AIR INDIA in the upcoming years based on orders they have placed. Roughly 500 aircraft will be delivered to IndiGo, 72 to Go First, 56 to Akasa Air, and 17 to Vistara. So there will be a huge demand for PILOTS in India and other countries in the world. Experienced Indian Pilots are working in Various countries around the world.

Though there will be a lot of opportunities in the air freight, business, and leisure sectors in the upcoming years, the aviation education and training industry, to which the PTC Aviation Academy belongs, is under tremendous pressure to produce a large number of qualified professionals required to manage, operate, and fly the current and future fleets of aircraft and related facilities. This covers all positions, including managers, administrators, ground handling, pilots, cabin crew, etc

The aviation industry is one of the most important feeders and facilitators in the world, linking almost all big and small cities and towns worldwide, which promotes employment, business, and trade in a wide range of industries.
Both established and emerging markets require a safe, effective, and well-functioning aviation sector need, a lot of manpower to manage the growing Aviation Industry

The moment has come for those who want to become commercial pilots to follow their passions, take initiative, and put themselves in the best possible position to take advantage of the numerous opportunities. At PTC Aviation, we want to provide our students with the knowledge, abilities, and mindset needed to meet the requirements and obtain their wings so they may become the finest commercial pilots possible.
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