Indian aviation market is Big Enough :Emirates Airlines

March 09,2023

Indian aviation market is Big Enough :Emirates Airlines

The Indian aviation market is sizable enough to accommodate all participants profitably. According to a senior Emirates official, the airline is focused on its strategies regardless of what competitors do. This statement comes as Air India ramps up its fleet and operations. Emirates, which only uses wide-body A380 and B777 aircraft flies to nine destinations in India on 167 weekly trips.

Air India’s expansion into new foreign markets might also benefit Emirates. According to a senior Emirates official, the growth of Air India might encourage airports to enhance their offerings, which would benefit all other airlines, Indian passengers, and the aviation and tourism sectors as a whole. Air India’s expansion into new foreign markets might also benefit Emirates. When an airline opens a new route, the travel demand may increase, and the specific airline may not be able to meet the demand.

In response, potential customers will choose alternative airlines, which may have a positive effect, Mohammed Sarhan, Vice President of Emirates for India & Nepal, told PTI recently. Air India, which is owned by the Tata Group, has placed orders for 470 new aircraft, including 70 wide-body models, as it begins plans for international expansion that will also allow Indians to travel more directly to other countries.

In response to a question on Air India and competition in the Indian market, Sarhan said that competition exists and that “we are focused on our strategies” regardless of what competitors do.

The “market is large enough to accommodate all players profitably”; he claimed. Emirates is optimistic about the Indian market and wants to establish additional bilateral agreements so that it can expand its flight schedule.

According to Sarhan, an Airbus A380 has a cargo capacity of 15 tonnes whereas a Boeing 777 can carry up to 20 tonnes of cargo in the belly-hold.

“Flights out of India usually have a full cargo hold. To accommodate the seasonal demand, we also have dedicated freighters with a capacity of 100 tonnes planned for Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The Gulf airline flies A380s to Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Emirates, a company that now operates 263 aircraft and flies to over 140 locations, has started a refurbishment program for 120 of its A380 and B777 aircraft. In 2025, the program is anticipated to be finished.

In both types of aircraft, fewer economy seats will be available as part of the initiative to make room for premium economy seats. According to Sarhan, some flights on specific routes already have premium economy class

seats. “A380 and B777 will have roughly 56 premium economy class seats” she added.The Emirates A380 has 429 seats in economy, 76 seats in business, and 14 seats in first class.The B777 has 42 business-class seats and 8 first-class seats To know more about the PILOT / CPL  COURSE visit: