January 11,2023


The second Terminal of Bengaluru Airport has been inaugurated by PM Modi on November 11, 2022. Built on four main principles of sustainability, technology, art and culture, the T2 showcase the garden look and presenting rich history of Karnataka.

Designed to offer a swanky look to passengers along a green environment where visitors can travel through terminal like a garden has attractive features as:

The standout feature of T2 is hanging garden.
Digi Yatra Face recognition technology for contactless boarding
Self-drop baggage counters and full-body scanners
Independent Parallel Runways
First metaverse-friendly Airport
As per reports, The metaverse edge of T2 has been built in joint collaboration of Amazon Webs Services and Polygon where BLR airport will offer an immersive 3D virtual experience of Terminal 2. Bangalore International Airport Limited has announced recently to become first metaverse-friendly Airport in the World. It also said that BLR Metaport would make users to shop from their facourite brands sitting anywhere in the world with latest technology.

How You can Experience Bangalore Airport T2 at Metaverse?

Log onto BLR Metaport Website and register for a virtual tour of T2. User will be asked to give camera and microphone permissions from their laptop, mobile or tab. Without permissions, users can’t talk to or see others.
Users will be able to make changes to the face, body , hair and create new avatars.
Users can visit to Airline counters, check into flights, shop at stores and connect with fellow travellers.
With an unique & memorable experience, Terminal 2 of Bangalore Airport is ready to give a immensive experience to travellers.

BLR Metaport – Experiencing BLR Airport like never before