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Advanced Diploma in Cabin Crew & Airline Management-Air Hostess

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Qualification : +2 or Graduate with good communication skills. Normal eyesight.

  • Height : Min.Ht.157 Cms for Female and 170 Cms for Male.

  • Age : 18-27 Years

Course Duration & Job Opportunity

  • 3/6 Months - Fast Track , 12 Months - Regular.

  • Salary Range : 25k to 45k for freshers.Plus other benefits , Based on Domestic /international Airlines

  • Job Titles : Trainee Cabin Crew, Cabin crew, Senior Cabin Crew, In-Flight Supervisor, In-Flight Manager.

Job Description for Crew Member
  • Crew members should conduct a pre-flight briefing about travel.

  • Checking with the Pre-Flight supplies like Medications, Medical Equipment.

  • Welcoming their passengers whole heartedly, checking with safety measures.

  • Crew members make sure that the luggages is stored securely.

  • Verifying the passengers seat belt, serving meals

  • You must convey the announcement from pilots, giving appropriate answers to passengers.

  • Prepare for any medical emergency event for the passengers.

  • Prepare for Medical Aid.

  • Checking for suspicious items on board

  • Writing reports in case of any unusual incident.

Advantages of Becoming Cabin Crew / Air Hostess / Flight Attendant:

By opting this course, you enter a fascinating and glamorous world of flying with air trips all around the world. Cabin crew not only get attractive salary than any other airline role but also get an opportunity to get to see the world for free.

  • You get paid to take a tour around the world for Free

  • You get to see many countries around the world for Free

  • Free & Discounted tickets to fly for yourself & with your Family Members

  • Working with Various different passengers in Each Flight

  • A great Chance to meet interesting Passengers Every Day

  • Staying in Five Star Hotels in and around the world

  • Shopping Around the world

  • Meeting Celebrities of Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood..etc.

  • Getting 5 Digit Salary

  • Experience the wonders of the World and the culture of other People

Skills & Qualification you must have to become a crew member:
  • As a Crew member you must possess excellent communication skills.

  • You must be ready to work in flexible hours.

  • Good Physical Fitness

  • Must have some basic self defence skills

  • Know how to swim

  • Better vision or a normal vision

Importance of Crew Members in Inflight Travel:

The Ultimate Role of a cabin crew member is to give great customer service to their passengers. Cabin Crew members must ensure their safety and comfort during the flight. These people are trained to do even combat during the emergency situation.

Cabin Crew & Flight Attendant:

There is a misunderstanding between the terminology cabin crew & Flight attendant. In Simple, the term Cabin crew is everyone who is working in flight; including, air hostess, senior hostess, senior Pursers & on board chefs as well. Everyone comes under the cabin crew except pilots.

4 Major Roles of Cabin Crew members
  • Safety

  • Service

  • Security

  • Medical Emergency


The briefing of safety measures depends upon airlines operators, oral briefing is commonly used by major operators. The safety briefing is recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Briefer uses English as a primary language and Local languages as a secondary one.

Safety demonstration includes:
  • The use & importance of fastening seat belts.

  • Briefer shows you the location & use of Emergency exits, evacuation slides & emergency floor level lighting. They also insist that during evacuation passengers must not carry any bags.

  • Usage of high heeled shoes is very dangerous, there is a possibility that those shoes might puncture the evacuation slides.

  • Usage of oxygen bags will be demonstrated before the flight takes off.

  • The briefer will show you the location of Life vests before the flight takes off.

These are some basic safety measures demonstration will be provided by either junior flight attendant or senior purser before take off.


Every flight operator across the globe gives top priority to service, they want their passengers to get high satisfaction during flight. Airline industry is one of highly competitive industries. It's really hard for any airline operator to lose a customer.

To hold the existing and to acquire new customers, operators are working with dozens of behavior research organizations to achieve maximum satisfaction rate.

Airline Industry uses 7 criteria to assess their service satisfaction.
  • Seat Pitch

  • In-Flight Entertainment

  • Website Information

  • Beds

  • Meals

  • Blankets & Pillows

  • Behaviour of Cabin Crew Members


Majority of airline operators give combat training for their crew members. These people are not only trained to serve passengers, they will fight till death in case any anti-social members or terrorists enter inside flight. Airline industry already recorded dozens of such incidents. Few gave their life to save 100 of their passengers.

Some of the Security Program are:

Anti Hijacking Program:

Aviation industry works lucratively in Anti Hijacking programs, in 1970 FAA introduced this program to protect the people from terrorists. To tackle this situation Crew members undergo severe self defence training (CMSDT)

Some of the other training are Swimming, Glider Ride, Fire Safety & Meditation as well.

Medical Emergency:

The commercial airline serves almost a billion passengers annually. Medical emergencies are a very crucial part of the airline industry. We all know medical emergencies will not occur daily, but pre cautious decisions will save many.

Crew members will be given basic training for medical emergencies. Airline industry divides it into two broad categories.

  • Injury Related Emergency

  • Health Related Emergency

Injury Related Medical Emergency:

Inflight Injuries can occur due to Turbulence (majorly happens due to air flow outside the flight), Luggage falling, On board Altercation, Due to Burns.

Health Related Medical Emergency:

Health related issues might occur due to lack or shortage of breath, missed medication, sudden heart attack, food poisoning etc.,

Airline operators provide basic medical training for their crew members. And they are trained to handle medical equipment as well.

List of Few medication crew members used to store are
  • Epinephrine

  • Antihistamine

  • Dextrose

  • Atropine etc.,

List of Few Medical Equipments handled by crew member are
  • Stethoscope

  • Syringes

  • Intravenous fluid system

  • Venous tourniquet

  • Emergency tracheal catheter etc.,

Why do you want to become a Flight Crew Member ?

Who say no to a job who always travel at 35000 ft height. This is the only job where you can travel across the world. The major advantage of being a crew member is you meet new nationalities every day.

You can learn different cultures and get paid as well. You need not to worry about paid travel, you travel to different countries without paying for your travel expenses.

You get access to live in 5 star hotels across the globe. A decent salary package and fast career growth. Your lifestyle changes totally.

Why to choose PTC Aviation Academy?

Ptc Aviation Academy - Choosing ptc is a great option, if you want to choose a course for cabin crew. Our industrial experts provide you real time knowledge transfer during the course period. The Industry professionals who take classes for students will have at least 2 decade industry experience.

PTC Aviation academy helps you get loans and provide you 100% Job Assistance for your career. We have tie up with most of the airline operators. Our contacts will guide you step by step for your career growth.



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