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Ground Staff Training in Chennai

Advanced Diploma in Airport & Airline Management-Ground Staff

Educational Qualification to become ground staff:

  • Minimum 12th grade and a diploma or post graduate in ground staff training

  • Age between 18 to 25 yrs Male & 18 to 27 yrs.

  • Possess good health and fitness

  • Good Eye sight is must

  • Excellent Communication skills.

Course Duration & Job Opportunity

  • 3/6 Months - Fast Track , 12 Months - Regular.

  • Salary Range : 12k to 25k for freshers. Gradually increase to 2.5L for Sr.Managers (Based on Domestic/ international Airlines and Ground handling Companies)

  • Job Titles : Customer Service Asst - Senior Customer Service Officer - Supervisor - Airline Manager - Airport Manager - Regional Airport Manager - General Manager.

This Course Prepares you for a successful career in the Airline & Aviation Industry.

Diploma in Airport & Airline Management is a wide-range course to become a versatile professional in the Aviation Industry. This course gives our students a platform to climb up in the Aviation Industry . Diploma in Airport & Airline Management is for all who are willing to aspire in the Aviation Industry in any sector of Airline Management Operations.

Airport & Airline Management gives fabulous chance for the candidates/ students to be an efficient Staff in the Airline Industry in the senior level positions and easily they can get promoted to the Management level Position.

It includes managing Ground Operations at an airport (Airport Operations), Airline Passenger Service as well as Cargo Baggage Services too. After the successful completion of this course, students can find employment as airport professionals (in the management cadre), Ground staff in Commercial / Security / Cargo Departments , fare desk executives, reservation agents, Cargo marketing executives & business development executives in destination marketing, Cargo logistics managers & cargo executives and managers, Duty Manager, and so on….. until AIRPORT MANAGERS.

Skill Set you must master to become a Ground Staff:
  • You must possess excellent communication skills like listening, writing & speaking.

  • Setting up the goal & achieving it in time.

  • Ground staff must work in flexible hours.

  • They must possess excellent interpersonal skills, they are the one who will have touch with senior boss, junior staff & customers.

What PTC Additionally provides to Ground staff Students?
  • Free Western Style Uniform

  • Free Grooming Class

  • Free Air Cargo Course " Advanced Diploma in Air Cargo Management"

  • Free Air Ticketing Course " Advanced Diploma in Air Travel Management"

  • Free ABACUS [GDS/CRS] Course

  • Free One Day Air Trip to BANGALORE Or MUMBAI [In-flight Training]

Ground Handling Course Highlights:

Ground Handling has three categories, Customer Service, Ramp Service & Maintenance. Ground staff are assigned for these duties based on their skills.

  • Verifying with ticketing & Check Ins.

  • Checking with baggage weights, disapproving oversized luggage as well.

  • Lobby Management & Lounge Management.

  • Aircraft Boarding & disembarkation.

  • Marshalling as well

  • Aircraft Towing


  • Airport Access - Airside & Landside

  • Aircraft Cleaning & Catering

  • Provision of Documents

  • Refuelling the aircraft

  • Airport Ramp Activity & Operations.

  • Aviation Admin & Operations

  • Air Fares and Calculations

  • IATA - FIATA (Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)

What is Ground Staff or Crew in the Airline Industry?
  • Ground staff or crew work in the aviation industry and they have different job titles at the airport. Ground staff are the first people who take care of their passengers in the initial stage. They must ensure the passengers safety and comfort from issuing tickets and taking care of their luggages.

  • Because this job is generally challenging and ground staff should make creative decisions whenever there is an unexpected problem.

  • The main duties of Ground staff are welcoming their passengers, issuing tickets, managing their luggage, assisting disable people & children. These crew must work very hard to get high satisfaction from their passengers.

  • Ground staff always are multi taskers, who should have excellent behavioural skills to provide excellent customer service inside the airport terminal. PTC Provides you excellent Ground Staff Training in Chennai.

Responsibilities of Ground Staff:

Ground staff responsibility starts from check-in to sending the passenger to flight. Each & every airline operator has created their own job responsibility for ground staff. So we will see some of the basic responsibility which is common in industry.

  • Check-in the passengers, providing information about the flight time, issuing & checking the passengers ticket, updating the delays or cancellation as well.

  • Assisting passengers while arrival & departure, even in flight change.

  • Taking care of luggages of the passengers, they are fully responsible for the luggage. They must also check any suspicious item inside the luggage as well.

  • Ground staff must clean the flight after landing.

  • They must provide special care for disabled, senior citizens & children.

Duties of Ground Staff:

The duties of ground staff is vast, apart from handling the passengers they are entitled to operate equipment as well. There are more than 20 equipment available in the airline industry to be operated by ground staff.

Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB)

PBB is an elevated boarding bridge which connects the passengers from the airport terminal to the airplane. The process is a very common majority of the airports. The passengers don't feel that they are outside the terminal. It's a complete automated process. PBB is very flexible; it can be fixed or even movable.

Few advantages of PBB is it provides passengers safety and security. It reduces the human effort, instead of stepping in a staircase pbb works fine. It’s easy for passengers to carry their personal luggage with them without any strain. There are few disadvantages in PBB, the bridge can damage the flight if it is not handled properly.

These are some of the basic ground handling duties, airport terminal & airline operators will have more than 100 of these kinds of job titles. Ptc Aviation academy runs an exclusive Diploma course for Ground Handling training, join the course and gets placed immediately.

Ground Power & Pre-Conditioned Air Unit:

Ground staff always have very important jobs roles, checking with the ground power unit and pre-conditioned air unit is a crucial part before the take off.

Ground Power Unit (GPU): It supplies the required electricity supply to aircraft, major aircraft need 28 V of Direct Current & 155 V of alternative current. The technicians should take care of this work regularly.

Pre-Conditioned Air Unit: PCA systems provide the required air to the aircraft when it is parked in gate or maintenance. So they need not start the turbine to get energy. Starting an Auxiliary turbine is not a good idea when it's parked.

Aircraft Towing:

Aviation Terminals use a specialised vehicle for aircraft towing. The Ground staff who is incharge will dock his vehicle with aircraft, after fixing it the manoeuvre will be done by the incharge. It’s easy to dock and undock the aircraft.

The most important responsibility is that the incharge person should drive carefully where accidents are common but accidents inside terminals will cost you huge money and lives.

Few types of Terminal Towing are
  • Basic Tow Bar

  • Engine Powered conventional tow bar tractors

  • Engine Powered Towbarless

  • Electric Towbarless (Remote Controlled Equipment)

  • Lavatory Service Truck

  • Potable water truck

  • Belt Loader

  • Cargo Loan

  • Refueling Truck or Fuel Hydrant Dispenser

Cabin Loading:

There are two types of loading: Passenger Cabin Loading & Cargo Loading into the aircraft. Standard Passenger Weight (SPW) is commonly used metrics for loading, based on the Regulator authority.

Once the loading is complete the cabin crew & ground staff should submit the report to the higher officials. Some of the risk factors happen during the process is extensive overload.

These technicians undergo special training to handle these equipment.


Ground Staff job is one of the secure and decent paying jobs when you compare with other industry standards. The duty is very difficult because each and every process must be handled with care. You cannot imagine a normal process.

We personally call these duties as tough guy jobs where you need patience, creativity & body fitness. Airport Terminal duties vary from geographical location. There are some additional job opportunities like De-icing, Air Start Unit. Due to extreme climate conditions in countries like russia, europe & some part of usa, ground staff are in need to eliminate frozen ice on aircraft.

PTC Aviation Academy runs a Diploma Program for Ground Staff Management, and with our contacts we have placed more than 700 students in the airline industry. Feel free to call us, we will guide you step by step in your career growth.



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